If you are a Primary or Lower Secondary School anywhere in the South UK, Barney Maunder-Taylor can visit your school in person with a bespoke Maths Day School Visit.

The aims are to boost the profile of maths and to create a buzz of excitement about mathematics at your school with a series of Maths Assemblies, Maths Workshops, Maths Enrichment Talks or a combination of all three.

At Primary level your students will investigate fun maths beyond the normal curriculum but while reinforcing core skills of number, shape and pattern. Additional aims at Secondary level are to foster an appreciation of algebra, and to motivate more students to take up maths at A-level.

There are strong links to the national curriculum. Workshops are all hands-on, with every student doing the maths themselves.

Please visit the House of Maths website to find out more or to enquire about a booking.